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Rare Earth Elements

10/17/2018 | Dale

Magic Substances that most people don’t know about---but EVERYONE uses! There is a group of elements in the Periodic Table that the average person may have never heard of, but unknowingly uses every day. These are the Rare Earth Elements(REE), which consist of the Lanthanide seri ...

Soil Corrosion…Is The Soil Destroying Your Underground Structures?

4/5/2018 | Dale

The corrosive properties of soil towards underground structures is a widespread problem all over the world. Anything made from common iron formulas such as ductile iron or gray iron can be a problem. Water lines, natural gas or crude oil lines, or any other buried structures are all subject to the damaging effects o ...

Moisture Analysis: To Karl Fischer, or not to Karl Fischer

3/29/2018 | Dale

Moisture Analysis…To Karl Fischer, or not to Karl Fischer The determination of water content (moisture) is one of the most frequently done tests in Laboratories today. It is performed on solids, liquids, fuels, biomass, foods, plants, soils, or just about any substance you can t ...