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What are the precautions when using Field Test Kit Methods for Halogens? (ASTM 9077)

NOTE: Warning--All reagents are encapsulated or contained within ampoules. Strict adherence to the operational procedures included with the kits as well as accepted safety procedures (safety glasses and gloves) should be observed. NOTE: Warning--When crushing the glass ampoules, press firmly in the center of the ampoule once. Never attempt to recrush broken glass because the glass may come through the plastic and cut fingers. NOTE: Warning--In case of accidental breakage onto skin or clothing, wash with large amounts of water. All the ampoules are poisonous and should not be taken internally. NOTE: Warning--The gray ampoules contain metallic sodium. Metallic sodium is a flammable water-reactive solid. NOTE: Warning--Do not ship kits on passenger aircraft. Dispose of used kits properly. NOTE: Caution--When the sodium ampoule in either kit is crushed, oils that contain more than 25% water will cause the sample to turn clear to light gray. Under these circumstances, the results may be biased excessively low and should be disregarded.