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Which Total Organic Halogen method should I use?

When time is of the essence and personal are adequately trained in the SAMPLE COLLECTION, PRESERVATION, HANDLING and TESTING procedures, the field test has been approved for use.

If the personal are not trained or confident in performing the analysis and are able to wait a day or less for results, another option is available.

The Rapid turn-around-time (TAT) Total Halogens Test: (ASTM 9076)

Used oil transporters, generators and facilities that recycle or re-refine used oil can expedite TOX analysis with precision utilizing the most current ASTM methods. We offer certified same day testing of waste oils, contaminated soils, waters and hazardous wastes. Disposable mercury kits are hazardous to use and dispose of and are less accurate than the micro-coulometric method that measures halogenated compounds from 10ppm to percent level. Reliable measurement is critical for proper management and disposal of waste materials. This test method also covers the determination of total chlorine in new and used oils, fuels and related materials, including crankcase, hydraulic,diesel, lubricating and fuel oils, and kerosene by oxidative combustion and microcoulometry. The chlorine content of petroleum products is often required prior to their use as a fuel.