About Us

The Laboratory of Sterling Analytical in West Springfield, Massachusetts began in 1957 as a coal and fuel oil Lab for the West Springfield Station Power Plant. Over the years the Lab’s capabilities and areas of expertise have been constantly expanded and upgraded to become one of the Power Industry’s most dependable sources of quality services.

Today Sterling Analytical is a dedicated analytical laboratory specializing in the analysis of water, wastewater, soils, solids, fuels, and biofuels, for a wide variety of parameters. The professional cooperation between our fuel and environmental departments allows us to utilize a synergy of analytical expertise that is unique in the industry.

The laboratory is accredited by both Massachusetts and Connecticut State Departments of Environmental Protection and participates in the EPA and other agency performance evaluation programs. Sterling Analytical provides professional analytical lab services for state and local governmental agencies, consulting firms, and private industry.

Mission statement

We at Sterling Analytical, Inc. endeavor to protect the environment from pollutants that compromise the quality of our soil and water resources. Accurate determination of contamination levels is a major step in the proper handling and disposal of effected mediums that will help secure the quality of our environment for future generations.