Special Analyses Testing

Total Organic Halogens:  
Waste Oil SW846 9076 (TOX)
Soils, Solid Material SW846 9023 (EOX)
Aqueous   SW846 9020B (AOX)
Total Organic Carbon:  
Soils, Solid Material SW846 9060A 
Soils, Solid Material Lloyd Kahn
Aqueous EPA 415.1, SM 5310B
Karl Fischer Moisture(% and PPM level):  
General Volumetric ASTM E203
Engine Coolants ASTM D1123
Fibrous Material Extraction ASTM 2377
Paints and Coatings ASTM 4017
Petroleum Products, Lube Oils, Additives ASTM D6304
Waste Oils and Materials EPA 9000
High Temperature Coating Analysis ASTM D714, D661, D610
Ignitability Test(D.O.T.) SW 846 1030