Liquid Fuel Testing

America’s electric companies rely on a variety of domestic fuels to generate electricity. Sterling Analytical is a full service fuel testing laboratory committed to providing quality fuel testing. Started as a fuels laboratory in 1957 for the power plant industry, we tested the various power plant generation fuels including coal, jet, diesel (ULSD) and #6 fuel. Since the development of wood fired plants, we have expanded our testing to include biomass products from various sources including demolition and old growth wood, pellets, cocoa shells, peat, paper and plastics.

We are a commercially approved Lab for Diesel Fuel Testing for Nuclear Power Plants. Method 29 stack testing for boilers and incinerators. Petroleum contaminated sites and spills (RCRA/UST)

Flash point ASTM D93
Cloud Point ASTM D2500
BTU-Precision Method ASTM D4809
Sulfur-% ASTM D1552
Sulfur-(ULSD) ASTM D5453
CU-Corrosion ASTM D130
Ash-% ASTM D482
Kinematic CST @40 C ASTM D445
SSU @ 100F ASTM D2161
Cetane Index ASTM D976
Distillation Temp. ASTM D86
API Gravity @ 60 F ASTM D287
Water & Sediment-% ASTM D1796-83
Carbon Residue-% ASTM D524
Clear & Bright ASTM D4176
Particulates-mg/l ASTM D2276 Method A-78
Diesel Delivery Offload Profiling CSP 600.5
Karl Fischer Moisture Analysis  
General Method ASTM E203
Petroleum Products ASTM D6304
Crude Oils ASTM D4928