Wood Pellet, Biomass, RDF, and Coal Testing

Wood fuel pellets are a commercially available heating fuel source made from various types of compressed wood products and sawdust. The rapid growth of the pellet market is creating an increased demand for analysis and testing to insure a high quality and consistent product for manufacturers and buyers. Sterling Analytical does quality testing of solid fuels made from wood, biomass, RDF(Refuse Derived Fuel), and coal on a wide range of parameters including:
Pellet/Fuel analysis tests: Typical methods
Heating value(BTU)  ASTM D5865, E711
Moisture-%  ASTM D3173, E871
Ash-%  ASTM D1102
Volatile Matter-%  ASTM D3175, E872
Fixed Carbon-%  ASTM D3172
Sulfur-%  ASTM D4239
Chlorine  ASTM D4208
Carbon  ASTM D5373, E777
Hydrogen  ASTM D5373, E777
Nitrogen  ASTM D5373
Oxygen  By difference
Mercury SW846 7471A
Refuse Derived Fuel Sizing ASTM E828
Bulk Density ASTM E873
Trace Metals* ASTM D6349